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Ship Date

Shipping is every Monday only

If Monday is a legal post office holiday, all shipping will be Tuesday

On Sunday about 6:00 A.M. EST., acceptance of new orders is cut off

If your order arrives here after Sunday morning, chances are 95% your order will ship the following week on Monday

Weather safety is your responsibility, please read here

December Shipping Stops

Shipping for plants and seeds stops near mid December

January Re-Starts Normal Routine

Shipping resumes per normal routine on a Monday closest to mid-January

Ship Via

Shipping is always via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

  1. USPS first class mail for seeds.  Seeds are usually mailed seperate from plants their own manila-colored bubble-padded envelope

  2. USPS Priority Mail for plants

  3. in typical cardboard boxes for larger plants, but still via USPS Priority Mail

  4. if appropriate for plant safety, two or more plants may arrive to you in one box

When to Expect Delivery

Your plants are mailed to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Orders within Florida can arrive the next day, a Tuesday, but Wednesday almost for sure

Destinations east of the Mississippi River usually arrive on Wednesday ...or Thursday

Destinations west of the Mississippi River, usually arrive on a Thursday ...or Friday

Your credit card payment via PayPal provides clearance for normal shipping

Your mail-in check, cash or money order is also cleared for shipping

If you use eCheck via PayPal, due to PayPal rules, we must wait for your eCheck to clear before your order is approved to be shipped. Clearance usually takes an additional 4 days. Using eCheck almost always means you wait two Mondays as a ship date. Exception is made for well established customers who have no shipping delay

If Problem

Emailing us your PayPal transaction ID or receipt ID is not useful at all. Please email 1. what you ordered, 2. your name and 3. email address...that's how we find you and your order 

If you do not receive plants or seeds as expected above, please email us ASAP. We strive not to make errors and want to correct your delivery immediately

Email is checked and answers sent up to 10 times a day

When you order more than one item, please check your shipping box or envelope carefully to make sure you find your whole order. Padding in boxes to protect plants is usually with newspapers and they all look alike so make sure you look for and find everything you ordered

Information Included in Your Shipping Package

Included with every plant and every seed pack is a green sheet of paper with sprouting information, plant care and feeding, etc. If you do not receive a green information sheet with your plants or seeds, please do not wait, email us ASAP


Your plant or seed orders via PayPal or your personal check or your money order are logged daily. Your account is referenced by your email address, but only the email address you used at PayPal or you provided when you mailed in your check order. The point is, we can't find you for sure without that email address

Gift Orders

Gift orders are a nice way to send another plant fan a nice gift

At this time, we do not have a neat software system to automate your gift order. You will have to tell us your order is a gift

If you order a gift with your check or your money order, you need to include in your envelope your friend's name, address, etc as well as your name, address and email

You may enclose a gift card for your friend if you wish

Ship To

Shipping of live plants is to USA zip codes only

Shipping of seeds is OK to most anywhere