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Tropical & Sub-Tropical
Ground Covers

Oyster-Plant or
Moses-in-the-Bullrush or
Rhoeo discolor

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Zone 9-10

A herbaceous perennial, the oyster-plant is native to the American tropics and is found everywhere in the warmer areas of Florida

The plant is two toned, green and purple. It does well in sun or shade but nicer with some shade. It grows very easily and can be seen rooted in cracks, roofs, and like in this picture, in crevices of this coconut palm

There are two other varieties grown, one smaller and one very dwarf. Planted out, they cluster to form a thick ground cover. No special food or water is required

1 Full sun ground orchid, Spathoglottis plicata, offer page
2 Spathoglottis 'Purple Grape' orchid
3 Liriope Green Giant (behind pink pentas)
4 Green Giant look as planted, large, mature and giant
5 Liriope variegated (behind impatiens group)
6 Tropical flax, Dianella tasmanica (variegated)
7 Artillery fern, Pilea microphylla
8 Blue Daze
9 Beach Sunflower (native)
10 Crown of thorns, normal, young for sale
11 Crown of Thorns, dwarf, super dwarf in a rock
12 Pineapple bromeliad, variegated, flower
13 Bromeliad, in shade
14 Foxtail fern, asparagus meyerii
15 Mondo grass (good for shade),
ophiopogon japonicus
16 Springeri 'Fern', asparagus springeri
17 Amaranthus nigrum
18 Ornamental cabbage (you can eat it too)
19 Wild clover
20 'Green Island' Ficus, can be used
like Indian Hawthorn or as a low hedge
21 Fountain Grass  #1  #2
23 Wandering Jew, Tradescantia zebrina,  #1  #2
24 Calathea lepardina
25 Good in shade, Chrtsotmeris pulchella
26 Also good in shade, Curcuma alismatifolia
27 Plectranthus porsteri
28 Tangerine Bulbine