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Plants and Seeds Policy

When you purchase plants or seeds from Tropical Plants Library, Master Gardener, you understand and agree with all of the following terms and conditions:

     Live Plants:


Weather conditions in your area are your responsibility (you, the buyer)

If your area is cold or hot, you are assuming the risk of safe arrival of live plants regarding temperature exposure in transit to you from Florida.  So be careful in cold and hot months to order at a good time for you. Common problem mailman leaves package on cold/hot porch

Your Conditions for Your Plant

All live plants leave here happy and healthy and arrive that same way at your home

You start with a healthy plant ready to enjoy

However, experienced growers know that plants do not just die.  Proper conditions are the critical key to any plant's ongoing health and growth

Therefore, plants die due to improper handling, most often via the conditions, e.g.

  • proper warmth / needed temperature range

  • light / hours of light / sun exposure

  • soil type, quality, and drainage properties

  • attention to water needs / water quality

  • humidity

  • safe and proper fertilizer/ food amounts

provided or not provided by the owner.  Customer takes full and sole responsibility for providing recommended conditions (per offer information and "green sheet" instructions enclosed  with your order)


Returning plants or seeds is not accepted

We can not know if the same plants/seeds are being returned.  Also, the potential risks of damage in packing/shipping are not acceptable

Transit to You

Live plants are almost always shipped on a Monday via USPS Priority Mail with the expectation the USPS will deliver to the customer on the following Wednesday or Thursday in the same week shipped

Plants are guaranteed to be healthy, happy and growing at time of shipment to the customer.  In the sequence received by date and time, orders are always filled selecting the best of the best plants available

No plants of suspicious quality are sold or shipped

Plants we feel uncomfortable with their quality are not shipped and an immediate refund is issued to the customer

During their journey in a box via USPS to you, some plant varieties may become somewhat stressed due to their travels in the mail system and are properly handled immediately by following the detailed instructions always included with packages sent to you or instructions online or both

Customer agrees to open the box and take care of the plants received immediately per instructions always enclosed

Failure of live plants to grow happily is the sole responsibility of the customer.  No refunds nor replacement plants are provided.  Online assistance via email is offered and provided should you have questions not answered in your enclosed instructions


Seeds are shipped to you in the quantity noted in the "Offer" published online.  Multiple seeds (e.g. you receive 3, 5, 7, 10 etc seeds) does not imply you will germinate all of the seeds you attempt.  In most cases, we ship the number of seeds we believe you need to germinate one (a single) plant

Failure of seeds to germinate is the sole responsibility of the customer.  No refunds nor replacement seeds are provided.  Online assistance via email to is offered and provided should the customer have questions not answered in the instructions always enclosed with every order

Seeds we offer are always collected at peak times to insure maximum viability and treated with all proper care while in our hands

By following detailed sprouting instructions always included with seed packages sent to you or instructions online or both, you, the customer will experience projected sprouting percentages, as projected in the "Offer."  Also, expected time to germination is provided as a range of time, e.g. 5-15 days, or 75-100 days, etc..  Germination projections are based solely on proper handling per instructions provided

Customers who purchase our seeds agree to follow enclosed instructions to assist in best germination.  Not following instructions to the letter is not recommended

Best regards,

Karl Slatner
Tropical Plants Library Online


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