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Visitor Feedback

Thank you for the impressive articles. You have saved my sanity in many ways. My plants have never looked better, and I am finally enjoying my yard
...Scott McDonald, Texas

I just want to say thank you for all the great advice.  Before, I was clueless about growing plants.  My yard has been completely transformed in just a few short months into a healthy thriving habitat.  All my neighbors have noticed and I constantly get compliments on the yard.  Landscaping is a whole lot more fun when you know what you are doing.  Thanks again
...Jack Ford, FL

I have been using your website like a bible for the last 2 yrs. My tropical backyard is my retreat and it's healthy, beautiful and full of Lamberts and fish. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true (and on coral rock yet!)
...Kristi Davis, FL

Thanks so much for your prompt assistance. You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that after I purchase a plant, I can always come to you for advice....and that's above and beyond the fact that you have such terrific plants
...Mello Simmons, Saint Augustine

I have been going to Tropical Plant sites for 3 years......I've seen them all and I need to tell you, yours is by far the best all around site of all. Thank you
...Jackie in Fort Myers, FL

Excellent article on how and when to water your plants. Thanks !!!!!!!
...Ricard, GA

Thank you so much for your fast reply, and I appreciate the wonderful Customer Service
...Beth Jaworski, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the opportunity to buy these unusual plants. I will be the envy of all my friends
...Marijo Clogston, Texas

Karl, you're a star! Thank you so much for replying so quickly, and thoroughly, to my e-mail about my pests

Really appreciate the assistance! I've wandered around in the dark for two years now trying to find information about this plant
...Melanie Capps

Received my plant today . Wanted to say your packaging is great !!!
...Cindy Harper

Thanks again,
Shirley Nicodem A Happy Customer : - )

In all the excitement with our recent tropical storm, I forgot to thank you for my four wonderful date palms - so thank you. As always, I am impressed with the quality.
...Jesse Davis

Thanks for the great newsletter you send me. I feel guilty that I have never ordered any of the fantastic plants you list
...Mack Gafford

Your Website is excellent!
...Bonnie Lavelle

Just wanted to say I visited your website for the first time this morning and was very pleased to find so much information. I wish more people would be willing to share so much of their knowledge. Your website is like reading a book. It's truly a pleasure to visit. Thank you.
...Sue Middleton, Pompano Beach, FL

Man! is your web site the best!!!!
...Wyn Pocock

I want to compliment you on your website pictures. They are the best I've seen on any website. You can actually tell what the plants look like. I have put you on my favorites places to access you often. I also signed up for your email list
...Rebecca Bailey

This is awesome, just have to order, Thank You
...Betty Graber, New York

Thank you for your help. I am very grateful and now know what to do with my plant.

Thank You for your prompt attention to my e-mail, and for answering my questions...I'm most appreciative.
...Marisha Tainor

Received the four hoyas yesterday noon (talk about speedy delivery) and they were all in excellent condition for which I thank you very much. Do I owe you anything for the extra one?
...Lois Hinks

I am an architect in Miami who really enjoys landscaping. Thanks for putting together such a great web site.
...Edward Lewis

Thank you for your valuable expertise. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience. Your website is wonderful and has motivated me in more ways than one. Thanks!

LOVE your mailing list! Keep them coming!
...Roberta Kendall

Just a quick note to say that I really like what you are doing online. Your newsletter is great and reads really well. I'm out here in Sonoma, CA. I'm new to gardening and I enjoy the straightforward info and fun style.
...Bonnie Story

I just recently bought some Purple Orchid Tree seeds from you. The seeds came with some directions for planting. I thought you might be interested to know that I planted six of them, and today, one week later, all six of them sprouted
...Christine Lauder

You will have made a big difference in my plant's and my happiness.
...Paul Landry

Karl, your site is magnifique! Thanks for sending the notices. I really enjoy your presentation, - beauty and clarity
...Frances Sindenwahl

First I want to comment that you have the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen and I have seen a lot.
...Jerry Farkas

You have a WONDERFUL web site! Very informative, helpful and easy to understand. You spent a lot of time on this and it shows! Thanks so much
...Diane Kelly

Thank you, very much. I really didn't expect an answer, what a pleasant surprise! I have enough information here for all my plants. Technology is wonderful, but people like you are even better.
...Gabrielle Zaleski

I have been admiring the attention to detail on your website; you obviously take great care in the trees and plants you choose
...Laurie Stein

Dear Karl: Received my order for my Madagascar palm and replacement "White Bird of Paradise" today, and thanks for your prompt attention to my order. I will be sending you another plant order soon, it will go into the mail this evening. I enjoy receiving notifications from you regarding the various plants you have and I enjoy doing business with your fine company.
...Marilyn Waid

My perfume tree arrived Friday, and it is a beautiful plant. I appreciated, as much, your thoughtfulness in including a stake, as well as the detailed and specific instructions
...Jesse Davis

I thought you might be interested. I ordered 10 Lady of the Night seeds and you sent me 12 seeds. 10 of the seeds germinated!
...Frank McNeish

I just want to say thank you and God bless you for all that information, it's amazing
...Esteban Opio

This is the best site I have seen regarding South Florida plants, and SO easy to browse. GREAT JOB !!!!!

Karl; I am enjoying your mailings and your website more than I can possibly tell you
...John C. Cambell III

I am so glad I came across your web site when searching for info about tropical plants. Your site is very educational and has opened my eyes about plant selection for my landscaping project in my very small backyard. Thanks your site is fantastic
...Susan Cruz

The Ylang-Ylang arrived in Minnesota on Thursday, June 27th. It is nicer than I hoped. You can be sure I will be ordering from you in the future.
...Jodi Bjork, University of Minnesota, Biological Science Greenhouse

I wanted to let you know how informative I found your site to be. I have been searching the internet for a really good site on general tips for caring for both houseplants and outdoor landscape plants, and yours is by far the best one I've found
...Heather Bologna

Hi - I just saw your beautiful site with the Clerodendrum quadriloculare...WOW!!
...Kemberly McLain

Boy am I glad I found your Website!!
...Wendy Dumas

Thank you for your site. It answered questions I didn't even know that I had :-)
...Heidi Miller

Thanks for your great info on staghorn ferns
...Helen Horvath

...Peter Anthea

Love your Website!!!!!

My daughter's science teacher asked her to find out what tropical plants need to grow. She was able to answer the question by reading your descriptions of various plants. I looked at your site too and enjoyed the beautiful pictures and interesting information. We're grateful to you. Congratulations on a terrific site
...Elsa Dixler

I just had to write and let you know what a great Website you have!!
...Kelly Arruda

Please add me to your mailing list for tropical plants
...Nick Palermo

I've had a hard time finding out some info on banana plants...your site was very helpful

Please send me a list of plants you have to offer. I run the greenhouses at the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and I am always looking for something new

Ray from KY. here. I just found your Website through a link from I love it
...Raymond Gerlach

Put me on your list
...Jodi Bjork

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question on my lovely plant "China Doll" It seems to be thriving and I found your pages to be most informative. Now I can get some more plants to add to my collection. You were so kind to help and it was so appreciated

In my opinion your Website is very educational & very cool!

...Jenni Otto

Thank you, thank you for the fertilizer section
...Raul Calzadilla

Can you identify how we can purchase the Nutricote that you recommend for great impatiens?
...Rich Thomas

Thank you for a great web site. Enjoyed the info and especially the attitude of professionalism

I'm trying to find out as much about impatiens as I can before I buy some. I thought since you know so much about impatiens, that you could help me. Can you?
...Marissa Redwood

Thank you for your web site. I was just told about it from a fellow member of Master Gardeners of Ontario
...Avalon Hamlin

I have sprayed my sagos 6 or 7 times with Organicide and still have scale, any suggestions will be appreciated
...Gerry Warsetsky

I loved your web site and your business philosophy
...Alan Giner

Thank you very much for all the help. I couldn't do it without you. Once again I'd like to thank you for your time spent. Thank you !!!

Hi Karl. Having thoroughly looked through your Master Gardener site, I'm interested in redoing my yard and would like to know haw much you charge for a landscape consultation
...Kathy Stevens

I'm having a problem with red spider mites (I think they are spider mites-tiny dot size red bugs that make webs in the end of the leaves). They are infesting some of my banana trees
...Jeff Anderson

I am interested in purchasing any type of Platycerium. Please email me back
...Scott Ditzman

Hello Karl! I recently moved to Sunrise, FL, from New Jersey!! I am so glad I found your site because Florida gardening is quite different than what I am used to!! LOVE YOUR WEB SITE!!!
...Patty Williams

Karl-- You have the absolute best web site I have ever seen. I have read every page and have followed your advice around my entire house.
...Claude Hammond

Hi, I am a budding landscape architect. I have to agree with you on some points
...Amy Stewart

Forgot to tell you, I enjoy your site immensely. I think it is the most informative on the Net
...Jerri Duchesne

I live in Southern California and am planting a hedge to enclose a privacy garden. I was told that the ficus green gem would be best. Do you have any thoughts on that, or could you recommend another plant that would be better? ...Donna Heyn Your web site is most informative! Please put my name on your e-mail list for sales, shows, etc
...Betsy Stewartson

Read your lawn man article and the landscape architect article and had to laugh as these are some of my pet peives in this area
...Neil Carroll

I just want to say how refreshingly direct and easily understood the writing is on this site.  Thank you for making perfect sense !!!
...Kristin Kearns, Texas

I'm a landscape architect in south Georgia. I worked in the Boca Raton area for two years before moving back to Georgia. To say that I take offense to your listing would be a gross understatement
...Kevin L. Hall