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Canary Island Date palm
Pineapple palm

Phoenix canariensis

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Zone 9-11

Canary Island Date palm is the Pineapple palm often seen in Florida and may be the most popular date palm planted worldwide

All the Phoenix palms are relatives and many other Phoenix palms are also very popular;  Pygmy Date palm, True Date palm, Sengal Date palm and Wild Date palm are all widely planted and enjoyed

Rated to 40 feet or so, Pineapple palm from the Canary Islands is slow to moderate in growth, so we don't see many near maximum height.  In the wild at home, Canary Island Date palm can be seen to 60 feet, but not in Florida

These pictures show the "pineapple" folks see in the growth habit of these young Phoenix canariensis palms

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Bright orange seeds develop in summer mimicking the Phoenix dactylifera True Date palm.  Seeds are attractive and feed some wildlife

Handles periods of drought very well, and food needs are typical, but a regular fertilization program keeps health good and growth at peak performance

Plant in most any loose soil with a full sun exposure; water to establish, then expect carefree growth