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Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii

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Zone 10

Unlike some other date palms (Phoenix spp.) one can find the Pygmy Date palm in South Florida zone 10 but not colder central nor northern Florida

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Many consider the roebelenii as a dwarf palm rated at 8 feet when mature. However, we have observed a 35-year-old specimen at 17 feet. The origin is said to be Burma. Not salt tolerant

This palm is very graceful with a straight or curving trunk, which is very attractive. As with many palms, the flowers are very nice as well.

Can be used as an under story palm in singles but more often is seen in groups of 3 palms planted together. They are commonly sold by wholesale nurseries in pots or field grown with 2, 3, 4 even 5 planted together

Nice for pots, nice for near the home or front door, nice beneath trees or the shade of other palms or full sun. Full sun makes the most robust head

This palm likes moderate water in well drained soil. The main cultural consideration is proper fertilization. For a healthy specimen, be sure to supply palm food 4x to 6x a year and be certain you provide magnesium and manganese as well

Here is a picture of roebelenii that has been denied proper fertilization. The existing yellow fronds will never recover. After proper feeding and ongoing proper feeding (typically 1-2 years), the new growth will become green and stay green