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Cuban Petticoat palm

Copernicia macroglossa

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Zone 10-11

Most everything we wrote about Old Man palm can be said about Cuban Petticoat palm.  Cuban Petticoat is palm is an excellent example of a plant that grows more valuable every year.  Yes, Cuban Petticoat, Copernicia macroglossa, grows slowly, but after 10-15-20 years in your landscape, your investment pays off with a plant worth several thousand dollars


Because Cuban Petticoat palm is rarely seen and because it grows very slowly;  slow = valuable since most folks have no patience

Feed moderately per routine, water to not stress year one, then your Cuban Petticoat palm is mostly carefree

Copernicia macroglossa palm from Cuba is rated 15-20 feet, is moderately salt tolerant and handles almost any plain soil with good drainage.  With its modest height, Cuban Petticoat palm fits in pretty easily, but you do need to provide width so everyone can see the petticoat without infringement or obstruction from plants to the sides

Plant in full sun and where you will see the spent fronds that give this palm its name.  NEVER prune off any spent fronds.  The fronds show the special specimen character of this variety.  With age, lowest, oldest fronds will start falling off naturally revealing a rather slender trunk no more than about 8 inches thick

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Buy one or two.  Locate where you can show off this very cool palm.  You'll probably start off with an Cuban Petticoat palm somewhere around this size

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