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Old Man palm

Coccothrina crinita

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Zone 10-11

Old Man palm is an excellent example of a plant that grows more valuable every year.  Yes, Old Man palm, Coccothrina crinita, grows slowly, but after 10-15-20 years in your landscape, your investment pays off with a plant worth several thousand dollars


Because Old Man palm is rarely seen and because it grows very slowly;  slow = valuable since most folks have no patience.  The specimen in the photo above is worth at least $2,500 in 2010.  You probably could buy 100 Queen palms for that price

Feed moderately per routine, water to not stress year one, then your Old Man is mostly carefree

Coccothrina crinita palm from Cuba is rated 15-20 feet, is salt tolerant and handles almost any plain soil with good drainage.  With such a size, Old Man fits in easily.  Plant in full sun and where you will see the shaggy fibers that give this palm its name; the fibers are like an old man's beard.  NEVER prune off any of the "hair"

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You'll probably start off with an Old Man palm somewhere around this size

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When you decide to sell your house, you'll cash in with one about this size.  The Old Man palm below is growing at a mansion home in Fort Lauderdale where the owners have dozens of high value plants like Old Man palm; smart landscaping

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