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Understanding Nature
to Grow Better Plants

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Nature has been producing life on Earth for billions of years with no people involved.  So since you have almost no control anyhow, leave things to Nature as much as possible

"How do I take care of XYZ plant?" is a poor question

Better is to ask "Where is this plant native?"

We receive almost 10,000 email plant questions a year so we know your concerns and problems folks have...

Many emails ask what is wrong with my plant.  Usually, the answer is in what people have done to the plant

Plants are naturally happy, healthy and growing

If a plant is not thriving, usually something people have done to the plant have caused the problems.  That could be the wrong location (wrong light, wrong warmth, etc) or introduced problems like improper use of liquid chemical fertilizers

Another large area of email involves plant manipulation.  People have passions to cut, squeeze, starve, chill, humidify, force feed and any manner of other treatments to their plants.  But think, in the wild, nothing like what people want to do to manipulate plants ever happens

However, like children, plants grow more happy and healthy with attention.  The main form of attention would be to look at all your plants, hopefully daily.  Look for changes and you will never be surprised by problems too late.  Also, you will learn far more paying attention

We also talk to our plants.  Most often we tell them they are beautiful.  Of course, no one can prove talking does anything, but our plants are better than your plants.  Also, lightly touching your plants is very good for success

So, if you went into the wilds of Nature and found a plant you liked, carefully dug it up and took it home, what would likely happen?  Even buying a plant at your garden center and bringing it home, what often happens?  Frequently, your plant would decline in health...

But why?

Because of the new conditions, like warmth, humidity, soil, light, light hours, water, etc..

If you took that same plant home and provided exactly the same conditions as in Nature (or like nursery conditions), your plant would continue to thrive

So think conditions and not manipulation to have happy plants

Be clear that because man can manipulate Nature does not mean manipulation is a successful strategy.  We believe The Boss's system is best

By the way, we see no distinction between Nature and God

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