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Your Houseplant
Is Suddenly in Decline

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You bought a lovely plant, took him home, but in a short time he looks sick. What's happening?

Or maybe you moved.  Your plant was happy at your previous home, but now it's getting sick

The #1 cause of decline is the sudden and/or drastic change in growing conditions / daily environment

Your plant has just come from a professional nursery where growing conditions were nearly perfect (to the store then quickly sold to you). Regardless of where you place/locate your plant in your home, there is a change from "nearly perfect" to worse conditions

The general decline you see, therefore, is your plant "complaining" about the change. It wants to go home, back to the ideal conditions

The #1 cause of plant decline is sun/light/hours, usually way less than at the nursery

If you are providing conditions (light, sun/shade, humidity, water, food) that are reasonably close to what your type of plant wants, the decline will halt (but not soon enough to make you happy soon enough)

Also, be aware that none of the existing leaves will recover (if they turned yellow or brown, for example)

Only new leaves from new growth will be in good or great condition. The point is, don't worry too much about the existing leaves. Your job is not to worry but to make sure you are providing the best conditions you can for each plant type

The #2 reason for decline is timing

Plant stores sell plants at the time of peak condition. This is when they are shipped from the nurseries.  This is especially true of flowers

When you buy the plant in full bloom, for example, your plant has nowhere to go but "down"; because you bought at the "top" or peak of condition. Likely, it will be another year before you see this peak again

A good tip is to buy flowering plants in bud (not bloom) so you can enjoy more of the development and display of the blooming process at your home

Reason #3 may be insects or disease

These are unlikely compared to the above two reasons. Insects are not out of the question, but chances are they did not cause the decline

  • If you have already owned a plant for some time (say a few months) then SUDDENLY there is a decline, now you may have a bug or disease problem.

  • Did you move the plant?

  • Did you re-pot the plant ...maybe in some sub-standard or fertilizer-impregnated soil mix?

  • Did you re-pot the plant too low? Too high?

  • Did you let someone else take care of the plant while you were on vacation?

  • Did you apply some new fertilizer?

  • Did you apply leaf shine or some other awful chemical to your plant?

  • Did someone pour their drink into the pot at your party?