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Would you like to
move your large palm or tree?

You want to move your palm or tree only once weather conditions are are warm and reliable, e.g. springtime is ideal or the sure rainy season in Florida

First, get a big guy with a strong sharp shovel

Otherwise you need equipment too

Have him cut down around the root perimeter base of your palm or tree

Now send the shovel down underneath the plant. Likely you'll need a trench around the outside cut so the big guy can dig under the plant. Dig beneath the root mass. Cutting some roots is OK.  That will take some hard work.  For example, this Pygmy date palm took 4 men and a professional tree cart to extract and move to the curb

If you have a cycad like a sago palm, take a sharp knife and cut away the babies sending the knife right along the outside of the mother plant.  Don't worry about hurting the mother plant

Replant the babies in similar sun/water conditions (where it is now) until established and obviously growing ...then move them where you want them. Many might die, but some will make

After big guy #1 has cut your plant loose, get two more big guys to pull out the plant ...maybe ropes or chains or maybe a truck to pull

Have your new hole ready. Fuss with the measurement so that it's not too deep. Too deep = death. A bit higher (out of the ground) is OK but try for perfection to match the old and new soil level exactly

After the plant is lowered into its new hole check your depth measurement again.  Adjust to perfection.  Next fill the hole 90% with water then wait for the water to sink in a little. As the water goes down, add soil in small bunches and stomp it in well after every addition of soil. You can use a wooden 2X4 or use your shoes/feet.  Add more water as you go so all the soil is 100% wet

You may need or want to stake your tree a la this system pictured below

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When you get to the top, all the soil will be wet and very firm against roots of the plant.  You may need or want to stake your palm.  NEVER use nails

Water daily to keep the soil moderately moist until somewhat established again; 3 weeks of daily water.  After 3 weeks, you can slow watering to 3x a week for 2-3 weeks.  Now go to a 2-3x a week watering routine. If you do all this right, your plant should start growing soon and be happy.  After stabilization, you may now fertilize

Only after your tree or palm starts visibly growing in its new spot, fertilize per this page

Good luck