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Malaysian Orchid

Medinilla magnifica
Medinilla myriantha

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Zone 10 - 12 and Houseplant

Medinilla magnifica and Medinilla myriantha, apparently have been confused. It appears that what many folks have called Medinilla magnifica is truly Medinilla myriantha; different names, same plant maybe

Seems like this is Medinilla myriantha >>>   

And we feel this is Medinilla magnifica >>>   

Malaysian Orchid is an epiphyte like staghorn ferns, orchids and some bromeliads. It is related to Tibouchina

Medinilla flowers are pink panicles that hang down from long pink stems. Its flowers are produced throughout spring and summer The bracts and flowers together look like a hanging bunch of grapes

Here are pics we saw labeled Medinilla spp.

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This Medinilla has choice foliage as well with deep green leaves and a prominent ivory white center rib

A Melastomataceae, this genus contains about 400 species of both erect and epiphytic shrubs. Magnifica/Myriantha is native to the Philippines where it grows more than 6 feet tall as an erect shrub. Far more common in USA gardens would be about 3 feet

This is Medinilla miniata, Pic #1   #2

In the Philippines where more than 200 species of this genus are indigenous, Medinilla grows naturally at higher altitudes in its rainforest habitat. In many areas worldwide, this plant is grown in greenhouses

If you want Medinilla magnifica as your houseplant, you will need bright light, a minimum temperature of 65 degrees and rich organic well drained soil. Water well during flowering periods, but always be certain of the drainage. Consistent high humidity is also essential