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Glory Bush

Tibouchina semidecandra

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Zone 9-10

Tibouchina is a large shrub or a small tree native to Brazil rated to about 15 feet

Tibouchina grows a little rampant and tends to sprawl in habit.  However, with some good pruning, Tibouchina can be the best plant on your block

Flowers are seen during all of the warm months in Florida

Tibouchina has large velvety evergreen leaves with a coarse appearance and a fine dark green color.  Leaves are covered with soft white hairs

Plant in full sun for best color and maximum flowering.  We see some planted in shade which they can tolerate, but then lack the statement this fine shrub/tree makes in its proper conditions

Plant in most soils with good drainage and a slightly acid mix is even better.  Nematodes can affect Tibouchina and over watering can contribute to mushroom root-rot

Tibouchina grandifolia has purple flowers with white inside, turning red-orange with age.  Tibouchina granulosa is a tropical tree native to Brazil and Bolivia and grows 16 to 40 feet tall.  Tibouchina heteromalla is a small shrub about 3 feet high.  Tibouchina semidecandra is pictured above and rated to about 15 feet

Recent introductions of hybrid Tibouchina means you can have smaller plants.  These and traditional Tibouchina varieties include:

  • Tibouchina 'Athens Blue'  (hybrid)
  • Tibouchina 'Compacta'  (hybrid)
  • Tibouchina grandifolia
  • Tibouchina granulosa, pic
  • Tibouchina heteromalla  (rare)
  • Tibouchina semidecandra
  • Tibouchina urvilleana

It has been our experience Tibouchina can be difficult to establish.   After planting, they may seem to lack the will to grow for a season or two, but then suddenly take off.  After that, Tibouchina is easy.

Be sure to fertilize for best flowering and growth.  Mixing more than one variety will provide strong purple color at different levels.