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 Leggy Houseplants

Leggy houseplants make people frustrated

You want a lush indoor plant with lots of green healthy leaves

But your plant is a stick ...growing mostly straight up with a few leaves mostly on top

The reason is light ...LACK OF sufficient sun/light/hours

Any plant can only "hold" as many leaves as available light allows.  When you bought the plant, it had many more leaves but over time has declined.  Your plant has been adjusting to available light and sort of downsizing its leaf count because it just can not HOLD any more.  After it has reached stablity, it has no power to add leaves because there is not enough sun/light/hours

Fertilizer can not overpower this situation

You have to take action...

1.  move your plant to a location with more sun/light/hours like a window with more sun time

2.  take your plant outdoors into shade where it will have indirect light many hours of the day.  Taking outdoors is a great way to reinvigorate your plant, but is not a cure.  The reason is when you bring your plant back indoors, leaf decline will re-start (due to no change in indoor sun/light/hours)

3.  buy and use a Gro light.  These are special lamps that emit sun spectrum light (not like usual indoor bulbs) so your plant gets what it needs for photosynthesis (leaf production) 

4.  or you can buy plants that are OK in poor light.  Such plants are usually not very interesting but it's another solution

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