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Begonia, Iron Cross

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Zone 10 or Houseplant

There are over 3,000 known varieties of begonias and that number keeps growing. There are many types of begonias including Rex, Tuberous, Cane, Reiger, Semperflorens and many hybrids

Begonia, Dragon Wing

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We are partial to the cane begonias

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Some are grown for their foliage, some for their flowers, some show beauty in both areas. Obviously, the disciplines to know and grow begonias are almost endless. One could study just one type all his life and never know all


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In general, provide your begonia with a rich organic soil mix, excellent drainage, and wind protection. High shifting shade is perfect, but morning sun is just fine. Feed normally or use only organic fertilizers. Provide a warm location

Here in South Florida, "begonia people" are very active as we have the weather to satisfy many types of begonias. In the landscape, we use begonias as spring and summer flowers - replacements for impatiens

For home hobby growers, begonias are very satisfying to grow, collect and show. Above is an award winning begonia from February 2000. Here are a few others:

  • Award winner #2
  • Award winner #3
  • Award winner #4
  • Award winner #5

A white cane begonia is a nice addition to the outdoor landscape in protected, shady areas

It's hard not to fall in love with begonias.  Here are some begonias we photographed at a plant show in 2005.

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