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Spring / Summer Flowers
in South Florida

caladiums, one variety, click pic to enlarge

Flowers short list: here's why

caladiums, mixed colors, click pic to enlarge

  1. Many people shop at places like K-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot or Target for plant material. If you're assuming flowers you see for sale (not flowering shrubs) are appropriate for your landscape, you might be wrong. The majority of potted flowers for sale will not survive long (a few weeks?) in your Florida landscape (or warm/hot southern states) during late spring and summer & early fall

    The reason these plants are for sale is because people buy them, period.  Growers and sellers do not care if you buy out-of-season plants.  Seeing such plants for sale DOES NOT mean they are suitable for the season (hotter months)

  2. Your spring / summer list of good quality flowers to use is very short. Depending on the conditions you provide, you may use pentas, dwarf pentas, caladiums, summer begonias, lantana, portulaca, periwinkle (some) and some salvias. In our experience, no other flowers will last through the entire warm/hot season

  3. The conditions you have determine which flowers will work in your landscape. For example, periwinkles will survive only dry areas. They die very quickly with just a little excess water (fungus gets 'em)

  4. After the weather turns warm/hot, you'll be extracting your spent impatiens. Use only flowers listed here

  5. Your other Florida (or warm/hot southern states) alternative is to not plant flowers to replace your impatiens. It is perfectly acceptable to clean up impatien beds and apply a light mulch, then wait for the fall planting season again

    Here's your approved spring / summer flower list