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African Tulip Tree

Spathodea campanulata

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African Tulip Tree is famous throughout the tropical world. Native to West Kenya and Uganda

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The major attraction are the large softball-sized bell-shaped orange-red flowers with a yellow border on the petals...huge and spectacular

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The magnificent African Tulip Tree flowers are seen in late winter. The blooms are softball sized, ultra showy and face looking up to the sky

In it's homelands, African Tulip Tree is a massive tree to 60 feet and is related to Jacaranda and Tabebuia. Height in South Florida African Tulip Tree is not nearly as large

African Tulip Tree is also sometimes called:

  • Fire Tree
  • Flame of the Forest
  • Fountain Tree

African Tulip Tree grows as wide as it grows tall producing an immense shade canopy. African Tulip Tree is evergreen with large leathery olive-green leaves

Use African Tulip Tree as a rarely seen specimen flowering tree or as a major shade tree in the warmer parts of zone 10

Another variety is Spathodea campanulata 'aurea' which has flowers that vary from yellow to near orange and is a smaller tree.  Grown only from cuttings and not true from seed, therefore, VERY rare to see

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After blooming, large pods develop which later release tiny seeds encased by a "paper" covering

Plant in full sun in a large space with fertile soil. Water regularly until well established then little care is required