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Jacaranda acutifolia

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Zone 9-10

Jacaranda is a large, deciduous flowering tree rated to 50 feet. Native to Brazil, it is related to pandorea and the flame vine

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It has light green colored leaves of fine texture like the Royal Poinciana

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When not in bloom, the trees can be hard to tell apart. It produces a wonderful broken shade during the hot months when we need protection the most

Jacaranda acutifolia blooms with attractive blue trumpet flowers in spring starting about April and continuing to as late as June. Rated zone 9-10, blooming intensity we have observed is better in zone 9 than here in South Florida zone 10

Not tolerant of salt, most well drained soils are agreeable. Plant in full sun, add fertile soil when planting to be sure of a healthy start, and hand water to help establish. Fertilize as you would your citrus, if you have any left