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Spiral White Fly

Aleurodicus dugesii Cockerell
attacking young Mango tree

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Zone 8-9-10

We need another exotic pest in Florida like we need more Cat-5 hurricanes...

Here we see the spiral pattern leading to the common name

Click here for a Hi-Rez pic of the beast  attacking White Bird of Paradise in Fort Lauderdale

Our newest challenge: the Spiral White Fly (also known by Giant White Fly and Gumbo Limbo White Fly)

Known to infect California, Texas, and Louisiana, Spiral White Fly has the power to kill some plants and to seriously infect many dozens more.  Known hosts include Gumbo Limbo, banana, black olive, mango, coconut and other palms, hibiscus, cocoplum, copperleaf and more

Our picture at the top of this article is of a Mango tree under attack.  Lowest leaves on this same tree are still mostly OK (white spots seen in pic is the sun).  Then, as we observe higher leaves, the damage is clearly seen on top as well

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The bug damage is bad enough, but it also introduces sooty mold which will drop from trees then blemish drivewways, cars or whatever is under the foliage

Here are links to existing articles which tend to deminish the intensity of the threat:

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