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Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Brunfelsia pauciflora
Brunfelsia magnifica

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Zone 10

The picture above on the right is a close-up shot of the same shrub as in the left photograph

The Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub from Brazil likes to show off 3 different colors of flowers during mid-winter in South Florida

First blooms are deep lilac which turn to light lavender and finish with a fade to white. Hence the names yesterday = deep lilac, today = lavender and tomorrow = white. The flowers are fragrant too

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The Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub is small at about 4-6 feet. It tends to get leggy and should be pruned back once or twice a year in South Florida to maximize tips and hence quantity of blooms

Make your first pruning in spring after blooms are spent and your second pruning about September. Properly pruned,

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Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrub is a real show stopper. If left to ramble, like this...

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it is still nice, but not great. Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow likes fertilizer