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New Tree Code
For Broward Cities

Plant what you want on your own property?

--- You better think again ---

Local governments are implementing regulations
for your private land

Yes, it's true. The trees you thought you owned may soon come under the regulation of your elected Broward County commissioners

The claim is commissioners want to "protect" you from tree abuse. Apparently some homeowners and developers have had the gall to order pruning of their trees in conflict with the higher wisdom of the commissioners

For example, Lennar Corporation was nearly fined $7,000 for relocating 19 trees. The Miami Herald quotes commissioner Parrish as saying "those trees were hat-racked" and wanted to fine the company big time

YOU, my fellow tax payer and home owner, may be next to face a stiff fine

Broward environmental managers (who are they?) are drafting a tree preservation and tree pruning code to set standards for all 29 Broward cities

Get out your wallet even if you're not paying a fine

Proposals include making homeowners PULL A PERMIT before you could legally remove a tree over 18 inches in diameter. People are already being put IN JAIL. Commissioner Abramowitz had a tree trimmer arrested in Tamarac for what was an alleged violation of that city's codes

Want further invasion of your privacy?

Parrish was also quoted as saying "a lot of people plant too many trees or the wrong kinds of trees"

Oh, I get it. The Broward County Commission wants to do the following:

  1. Tell you what you can and can not plant on your own land,
  2. Determine the number of trees you can have on your land,
  3. Criminalize private property owners for disobeying their rules,
  4. Charge a new tax (permit fees) for the privilege of pruning your plants,
  5. Threaten you with fines and JAIL for disobeying,
  6. Take control of your garden hose and bird feeder if they could get away with it

Pretty amazing, eh ???

In Miami Dade County, things may actually be worse

There, discussions are well under way to REGULATE TREES FROM NURSERIES and exactly how these trees must branched in a proposed new GROWTH HABIT CODE

What that means is the bureaucrats have decided they know better than NATURE what shapes/forms trees should grow in to "protect you" from limb and tree property damage caused by heavy storms. Estimates are that only about 5% of nursery trees meet their proposed regulations

We planted this oak from seed, which is now an ILLEGAL form/shape according to the puke face bureaucrats.  Our tree is branching TOO LOW, which now MUST BE at least 6-feet off the ground !!!  Meet me here to dicusss my tree

Where do they (bureaucrats) come up with this stuff ???

How do we stuff 'em back in the box ???