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Traveler's Palm
Traveler's Tree

Ravenala madagascariensis

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Zone 10

As you can guess from the Latin name, this tree is native to Madagascar. Often called Traveler's Palm, it is not a palm, but a tree and is related to banana plants and Bird-of-Paradise varieties

This is a tropical growing only in the warmest parts of Florida.  Very sexy in public places

Notice the fan-like shape of the leaves. Well maintained (not hacked by the lawn man) the leaves produce a total half moon ...very nice to see. Notice also the Traveler's tree cluster of flowers, in the same shape as bird-of-paradise flowers, only larger. Flowers are white and green. The flower shape is also the same as the White Bird-of-Paradise tree

The name Traveler's tree derives from the fact that a stem can be cut and the water inside can be drunk, hence good for thirsty travelers who need refreshment

Here's a pic of a young one.  As planted in that location, you can see trouble ahead as the fronds will run into the utility pole wires. Proper location selection is critical to all landscape plantings

These trees clump stems coming from the soil.  If you do not limit the number, your Traveler's tree clump will end up with something like this  or like this

Water carefully to start a new plant. Plant in good organic soil. Fertilize as you would a palm