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Mexican Sunflower

Tithonia diversifolia

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Zones 9-10

Mexican Sunflower may also be called Bolivian Sunflower and Tree Marigold.  A large fast growing sprawling perennial shrub to about 12 feet tall, Mexican Sunflower is unusual to see in local landscapes even though Tithonia diversifolia is easy to grow & a very colorful specimen plant

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As you can see, the flowers are huge.  Another common name is GIANT Mexican Sunflower but likely native to Pacific islands

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Plant in plain or sandy soil, well drained, full sun or near full sun.  You probably want to prune as your Mexican Sunflower as it grows to create more branching and therefore more flowers.  May need added water after establishment during dry spells

By the way, Mexican Sunflower has a scent and is loved by honey bees and butterflies.  Use for screening, bold color and a specimen plant providing many months of bright yellow during your cool and colder months