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Talipot Palm
Gebang Palm

Corypha utan or
Corypha umbraculifera

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Zone 10B-11

Talipot is the Mount Everest of the palm world.  A huge palm in every way, Talipot requires 30 to as much as 80 years to mature, at about 60 feet tall

The specimen in the photo at the top is a mere juvenile at about 25 feet.  However, there's no mistaking the powerful features for any other large palm


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Nearly mature Talipots were wonderful to see in Miami at Fairchild Tropical Gardens ...before Hurricane Andrew killed them all in 1992

Talipot palm sports the world's largest plant inflorescence on the planet.  People fly in from all over the world to observe when a Talipot blooms.  The bloom can be well over 75 feet ABOVE the height of the 60-foot tall palm and have endless millions of flowers followed by fruits/seeds

The inflorescence is so big and so heavy, the weight bends the palm.  It takes about a year to complete the bloom, then the Talipot dies. Nature has Her ways