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Storm Water Management Program
City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Pesticide, Herbicide
and Fertilizer Usage"

Text below is word for word from City of Fort Lauderdale notice.

Did you know that...

  • Nearly everywhere in the City of Fort Lauderdale, rainwater in gutters and storm drains flows directly into rivers and canals with no treatment?
  • Stormwater runoff often carries harmful pollutants that can clog storm drains, damage sensitive wildlife habitats in local waterways and pollute canals, rivers and coastal waters?
  • During rainfall, excess insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer and other contaminants can wash away from buildings, sidewalks, parking lots and grassy areas harming wildlife and polluting City waters?
  • There are alternatives to the use of traditional insecticides, herbicides and fertilizer that are effective and less harmful to the environment and the user

You can avoid polluting the environment by following the common sense tips outlined below:

  • Take special care when applying insecticides, herbicides and fertilizer to yards, and remember to carefully follow the manufacturer's directions.
  • Buy and apply only the recommended amount of each product. Apply insecticides, herbicides and fertilizer only to grassy or landscaped areas and avoid driveways and sidewalks.
  • Sweep up excess amounts of these products and never wash them down into storm drains.
  • Avoid applying insecticides, herbicides and fertilizer near waterways or if rain is forecast. Store leftover quantities of these products under a roof away from rainfall.

By making small changes in the way we do things, Fort Lauderdale residents can help address many of the City's stormwater management issues, help keep our waterways clean and preserve Fort Lauderdale's environment for future generations.

For additional information on the Stormwater Management
Program, please call the Public Services Department at
(954) 771-0880.

Above text is word for word from City of Fort Lauderdale notice