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Sabal Palm

Sabal palmetto, Cabbage palm,
Sabal palm, Palmetto palm

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Zone 8-9-10

The Sabal palmetto is the State Tree of Florida

This "cabbage" palm is ubiquitous throughout Florida as well as other southern states. Some call it a cabbage palm because they are harvested for hearts of palm we sometimes eat as a salad.  Here are some recipes:

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You should attend the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival held in LaBelle, Florida where 10's of thousands of people come to hear music, eat bar-b-q and hearts of palm done 101 different ways. Some folks drink a little beer too

This Sabal palm can be found growing in virtually all conditions of wet and dry, on the coasts, inland, in swamps and dry flatlands

No added food or water is needed as these are tough natives with no pests to speak of

Some grow tall and thin, others fat, but Sabal palms can grow both fat and tall

The dry old frond remains on the trunk (as in picture) can fall off easily, early, or can stay attached for many years. We know of several 30 year old Sabal palms which have never lost a "boot" frond

Local Florida Seminole Indians used the fronds to create wonderful chickee huts. Authentic chickees are made only by Seminoles who build water tight roofs with no nails or other metal in the construction.  Below are pics taken at a high end home with a terrific chickee hut in the back yard

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If you want an authentic hut, hire a Seminole

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