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Ficus pumila

Ficus pumila, Ficus repens

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Zone 9-10

In its uses, this vine is South Florida's version of ivy, used to closely cover almost any surface, in shade or sun. The individual in the photo gets only spotty afternoon sun and is very happy in this condition. Notice the thin woody stems and how they adhere to this Macadamia nut tree

Often seen covering sunny walls, pumila is very easy to grow, once established

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Care should be taken to plant well and water faithfully until growth is apparent, then little further attention is required.  Young Ficus pumila plants are usually sold in 1-gal pots

Slower growing in the shade, the vine can be pruned to create shapes or patterns by simply cutting the stems

Pruning may also be necessary if tips/stems stray away from the surface they are climbing. Should a stem pull away from a tree or wall, the ends become progressively more woody (remember, it's a Ficus) and not attractive

Once established, no food or added water is required

And has the vigor to do a lot of landscape work, like cover a large (unattractive) fence or wall

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Very old vines finally get woody, and develop seed pods Inside the pods are very cool super tiny seeds

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