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Fiji Fan palm

Pritchardia pacifica

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Zone 10-11

In our opinion, Pritchardia pacifica is probably the most imposing, most stunning palm on earth;  big, bold, stately sporting gorgeous fan fronds which can grow up to 8 feet wide.  If you stood near a mature Fiji Fan palm, you would immediately want one, somewhere, anywhere in your landscape so you could admire your specimen every day

Even very young, you get the sense Pritchardia pacifica is something special

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Maybe two years after that, you know Fiji Fan palm is a powerful specimen in the making

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Here are pics showing 10-12 feet of growth in a high quality residential landscape

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Prior to August 1992 Fairchild Tropical Gardens had plenty of mature Pritchardia pacifica palms, planted in an area making a small forest of Fiji Fan palms.  Then poof, gone; Hurricane Andrew killed them all, all the big ones

Imagine a dozen or so Pritchardia pacifica palms that looked like this all in one area

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We recall walking underneath, looking up, and getting a sense that if one of those massive fronds somehow fell on our heads ...we'd be in big trouble ...that's how big they look even up high

Our books say Pritchardia pacifica is rated zone 11, but that can't be because Miami is zone 10 and they grew very well in that climate

Highly salt tolerant,  moderate in growth speed, Fiji Fan palm tops out at about 30 feet.  One sensitivity is water;  never stress this palm at any age without plentiful soil moisture.  Also, Fiji Fan palm is susceptible to Lethal Yellowing disease, so proper nurtition is essential to good health and disease defense