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Yew Podocarpus
Podocarpus macrophyllus

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Podocarpus macrophyllus is a top quality hedge plant for a variety of solid reasons.

Here is a primer on hedges for the tropics.

Macrophyllus is from Japan and rated as a tree to 50 feet but is rarely seen that size. It grows well in all of Florida in sun or shade, in most soils, is tolerant of varied water and has no pests.

It grows very compact with foliage right to the ground making for a very fine hedge material. In this picture, podocarpus is shaped into a formal foundation planting. Here, podocarpus is used between wall sections.

There several named varieties:

  • Podocarpus macrophyllus - Crusty Drybread
  • Podocarpus macrophyllus - Japanese Yew
  • Podocarpus macrophyllus - Dwarf Pringles
  • Podocarpus macrophyllus - Maki
  • Podocarpus macrophyllus - Meta

The texture is very fine and the dark green leaves are soft. It is not invasive above nor below ground. This podocarpus grows rather slowly so it keeps its shape very well after prunings. Plant them 2-3 feet on center using 3-gallon stock. Be patient and fertilize.