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Paurotis Palm

Everglades Palm
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

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Zone 10

Paurotis is a native Florida palm found in the Everglades commonly seen at the edges of islands, not in long-standing water. It is also native to some Caribbean islands

Understandably, it prefers wet soils although it it tolerant of somewhat dryer conditions. Growth is less robust when dryer. Somewhat salt tolerant but off the beach

Paurotis palm likes full sun or some light shade, is tolerant of a variety of soil conditions but is not happy about being planted in high pH soils

Everglades palm grows in clusters of trunks and is rated at about 20 feet. Its growing width will be a problem when planted without space for lateral expansion. This young cluster has been planted too close to the home and pedestrian walkways

Pruning stems to keep the palm "open" is recommended for best show in the landscape