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Guiana Chestnut
Malabar Chestnut
Provision Tree
Wild Cocoa Tree
Money Tree

Pachira aquatica
Bombax aquaticum

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Zone 10 or Houseplant

It makes no sense that this glorious flowering tree is not more actively planted in South Florida. In fact, it is rare and only a few are seen - most we planted

From Tropical Mexico to parts of South America, this evergreen is rated large, up to 60 feet. However, the oldest trees we have seen are in South Miami and not near that size, but impressively wide

Most folks know this plant as an indoor plant often sold named MONEY tree.  Attractive common names help sell plants

We saw these indoor Money trees at the TPIE tropical plants convention here in Fort Lauderdale

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Young trees grow with a single trunk for a long time. Pachira don't seem to want to start branching until they're over about 8 feet tall, then branch moderately. It takes years before a full head/canopy is developed

The magnificent flower shown is also fragrant. Unfortunately, any one flower only lasts one day long. However, the flowers are large like softballs, complex, and very beautiful

After flowering in late fall or early winter in South Florida, the Pachira develops large fuzzy-looking brown oval nuts which may be over one foot long. Inside the nuts are pulp covered seeds which may be eaten

The nuts are very impressive. Not as large as coconuts, however they hang in large bunches and their brown color stands out clearly

There is also a Pachira grandiflora and a Pachira macrocarpa. We would like to see them but never have