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Norfolk Island Pine

Araucaria excelsa

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Zone 9-10

These are BIG TREES said to be from southern Chile

The photo above was taken 400 feet from the tall condominium at the left. Rated at about 50 feet, we feel that is an error.  We see plenty in the 80-120 feet range.  When seen near a residential structure, they dwarf every home

On the other hand, they have been popular, commonly for sale in garden centers. We suspect they out-grow their containers and homeowners plant them outdoors. In a few years, you see the result above

Desperate to take action, homeowners hire tree companies to cut off the heads of these tall pines, usually half way down the trunk. That doesn't work because Norfolks then branch as you these "twin towers" in the photo. Cutting them to the ground might work, but leaving wood allows branching to occur

In the background at the right of the photo is another Norfolk standing alone

Although Norfolks do not produce seeds in Florida, here's a photo of seed pods that were imported from Hawaii