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Swiss Cheese Vine

Monstera deliciosa

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Zone 10 or Houseplant

Monstera deliciosa is a vine desired for its large evergreen leaves studded with holes and gaps. Dark green leaves can be seen over 3 feet long and nearly as wide

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Once established, deliciosa is fast growing, climbing trees clinging with aerial roots

Used in pots, an attractive strong support should be used to help this rambling vine upward where it wants to grow

Young plants have thinner leaves, more heart shaped than oval. As the vine matures, its leaves grow larger and more perforated

A native of the Central Americas, Monstera is related to dieffenbachia and philodendron. It requires shaded conditions, its leaves becoming bleached and damaged by the sun. Plant in shade with wind protection using highly organic soil. Water by hand to establish and keep soil on the moist side. Fertilize normally

Because this vine loves shade, it is a very good pick as a houseplant

The name 'deliciosa' doubtless was applied because the fruit is edible and tasty. Here is young fruit growing.  The vine flowers with a thick, cream-colored,concentrated spadix near 12 inches long and looks very similar to the spathiphyllum. The spadix then develops "berries" which taste like pineapple

No other Monstera looks so tropical, but the variegated Monstera is also very attractive although the leaves are somewhat smaller.   Rarely, you may see Monstera obliqua