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Milky Way Tree

Stemmadenia galeottiana
Stemmadenia littoralis

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Zone 10

Milky Way Tree is a super fragrant small tree excellent for South Florida or other zone 10 climate areas

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Native to coastal Central and South American forest areas.  Related to Plumeria.  Mature at about 20 feet.  Very green glossy leaves are large at about 8 inches

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Abundant flowering starts in summer, then for many months and into the fall

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The fragrance is creamy and as good as it gets among trees. The fragrance quality is often compared to the world famous JOY and Chanel No.5 perfume trees

The 4-inch long white pinwheel-like blooms make bees, butterflies and hummingbirds very happy

Full sun with some afternoon protection is an excellent location for your Milky Way tree

You can grow Milky Way tree in a container if you wish.  You probably can hold the Milky Way tree to under 8 feet in a good pot and some pruning