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Mandevilla splendens
X Dipladenia splendens

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Zone 9-10 or Houseplant

Mandevilla is a popular lightly fragrant vine and often sold for enjoyment as a houseplant

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Native to Brazil and Bolivia, thin woody stems allow this twining evergreen climber to wrap around supports.  In open sun, such a wrap shows off Mandevilla flowers blooming in all directions

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May be potted in hanging baskets

Flowering is at maximum in hot months for Mandevilla but some blooming from spring through late fall is the norm in South Florida

Little care is needed once established.  Too much water and/or too little sun hours inhibit best flowering.  Mandevilla tolerates South Florida full sun and heat with ease

Mandevilla boliviensis is white

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Here, Mandevilla splendens and Mandevilla boliviensis are mixed climbing one support

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