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Swietenia mahogani
Swietenia macrophylla
Khaya ivorensis

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There are three Mahogany trees

The Florida or Caribbean Mahogany is Swietenia mahogani and is the smallest (height) of the three ...although still a large (native) shade tree at about 40 feet mature

Here is a young Florida Mahogany

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and here are Mahogany seed pods

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The largest Mahogany tree in Florida (really old) has a circumference of over 12 feet and a crown spread about 70 feet

The Swietenia macrophylla grows in Central and South America and can reach 120 feet tall

The African mahogany Khaya ivorensis is from the west coast of Africa

Mahogany is a carefree evergreen hard wood shade tree. Plant in most any soil with decent drainage, water to establish and feed with a balanced fertilizer (like 6-6-6) during the warm and hot months

Here is an amazing picture taken in Vero Beach, Florida of a table made from native Mahogany wood