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Magnolia grandiflora

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Zone 8-9-10

Magnolia is not really happy in South Florida's zone 10, preferring cooler winter temperatures.  Some varieties grow nicely well into Virginia.  We offer a page on Magnolia since people may associate this family with the tropics

Magnolias have large, stiff, bright dark green leaves.  They tend to grow upright, some to 75 feet.  Most trees are in the 15-30 foot range.   Plant in full sun.  They like fertile soil, regular feeding when young, but are generally carefree

The flowers vary in size by Magnolia variety, but many are large, some huge, close to 12 inches across.  The flowers open slowly as the large blossom needs time to develop.  The center of the blossom is intricate and attractive as well

Flowers are pure white, fragrant, but last only one day after opening.  Blooms are seen in spring to early summer

Magnolia  is basically out of its climate zone (10) in South Florida, and only 'Little Gem' really works due to our warm year around weather