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Ruffled Fan Palm

Licuala grandis

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Zone 10 or Houseplant

Licuala grandis is a gorgeous small palm rated up to 8 feet. It is very slow growing so most seen are well below maximum height. It demands shade and protection, especially from wind, which will tear up its bright shiny large pleated fronds

The palm in the photo is still very small. As it matures, the fronds will spread more laterally and display "levels" of fronds on proportionately long stems. This one is planted on the north side, under the roof and blocked from wind on all sides

Other large varieties of Licuala are spectacular

With proper conditions Licuala is excellent in the tropical landscape but is also a perfect palm for pots as well - on the patio, in the Florida Room or even indoors if space is available

Said to be from New Britain Island, the grandis likes fertile soil, well drained, and shade or high broken shade. A tropical, it must be protected on cold nights north of zone 10

Licuala palm in seed, click to enlarge

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