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Jamaican Ebony
West Indies Ebony

Brya ebenus

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Zone 10

Jamaican Ebony tree is very slow growing tropical flowering tree.  We have observed the tree above for 16 years; it appears to have grown about 4-5 feet in that time

Leaves are small , then with a good rain during warm and hot months, the leaves become obscurred by a sudden, massive erruption of tiny yellow-gold flowers.  No rain, no flowers and you can not fool the tree with hose water.  You might get a few stray flowers, but zippo compared with the colossal ourburst after a significant South Florida rain

One author described the flower show as "a fountain of gold."  After it rains, you enjoy flowers like these

Long limbs are a signature of Brya ebenus, as is a a slender growth habit.  Jamaican Ebony tree is an excellent candidate for folks who want to xeroscape parts of your landscape.  Once established, water needs are very minimal and your flower shows even more spectacular.  The wood is extremely hard, the bark "flakes" and is a tree rare to see and that's a shame

Jamaican Ebony tree provides a unique nesting area for small birds, attracts hard-to-entice hummingbirds, and many butterflies

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Plant in full sun into very well drained soil.  No blooms or very poor flowering in shade.  Water to establish, occassional food during new growth months, then relax.  Jamaican Ebony thereafter a carefree tree