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Our Favorite Riddle

Pedro ran the jail in Veracruz, Mexico

It was Christmas Eve and he had only three prisoners

Feeling benevolent for the holiday season, Pedro decided to give each prisoner the opportunity to go free

"Boys, I want to give you a chance to go free. As you can see, I have in my hand three white hats and two black hats

I am going to blindfold each of you then put one of these hats on each of your heads. If you can tell me for sure what color hat you have on, you can go free and never return to my jail again."

Pedro blindfolded the men, placed one hat on each of their heads, put the two remaining hats out of sight in his office, then returned to the holding cell

Pedro entered the cell and removed their blindfolds

Each prisoner could see the other two prisoners and their hats, but they could not see their own hat or its color

Pedro then said, "OK, prisoner #1, can you tell me for sure what color is your hat?"

The first man looked at hat #2 then hat #3. He thought for a while then said, "No, I can not tell for sure the color of my hat."

"Well, unfortunately for you, prisoner #1, you must serve out your sentence in my jail. Now prisoner #2, can you tell me for sure what color is your hat?"

Prisoner #2 looked at the hat on Prisoner #1, then looked at the hat on prisoner #3. He thought for a long while then said, "I am sorry. I can not tell for sure the color of my hat"

Pedro then said, "This is sad because now all three of you must stay in my jail and serve out your sentences."

Prisoner #3 interrupted and said, "But, Pedro, I KNOW FOR SURE, you did not ask me."

Pedro said, "Because you are totally blind I did not ask you."

Prisoner #3 responded, " I may be totally blind, but I know FOR SURE the color of my hat"

How did prisoner #3 know his hat color for sure ?  What was his LOGIC ???

Added Challenge: We have devised a solution showing the logic in 16 words. How well can you do?  We also feel 20 words or less is excellent

Note: We get plenty of requests to reveal the hat riddle's logic, but we don't do that. However, we would enjoy hearing from you if YOU can answer the riddle

Don't bother emailing saying "the hat is white" or "the hat is black."  The COLOR is not the answer.  The answer is HOW HE KNEW for sure

Please email your answer. We'll send confirmation email telling you if you have concluded the right logic

Correct answers: 25 words or less = good,  17 words or less = very good,
12 words = perfect

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