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Day Lily

Tropical Day Lily spp.

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Zone 5-10

Your Day Lily (Hemerocallis, "beauty for a day") may not be a tropical plant. Many types grow as far north as zone 5, some even in Siberia, but there are wonderful Day Lily varieties grown in Hawaii as well

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Native to Europe and Asia, these perennial plants grow in dense clumps of foliage with flower heads rising above green pointed leaves

Most varieties bloom only briefly (one day per flower) but other stems produce flowers vigorously providing a showy display of ongoing color. Hybrids can carry 20-30 buds per stalk. Some grow as tall as 4 feet, others short to 12 inches

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Day lily varieties in colder climates may see all leaves die back completely in winter. Others types are semi-evergreen and still others, such as tropicals, are evergreen

Many plants sold today are hybrids and come in many colors such as yellow, purple, pink, red, green, orange and more. Also, there is much variation in the size and shapes of blooms

Most are tolerant of a variety of soil conditions although a nice fertile mix will hold moisture better. Moisture is good but a well drained site is required. Most want full sun but light shade is OK

Light fertilization is best otherwise you get too much foliage at the expense of more flowers. Fertilize in the early spring then once more after blooms have stopped to help next season's start. Also, it is best to cut spent flowers to encourage more to grow

The Friends of the Daylilies website has pictures of many varieties