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Brugmansia suaveolens
or Datura aborea

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Zone 9-10

Datura is a succulent shrub with brittle wood native to Brazil, but some say the mountains of Chile and Peru. There about 20 different species

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The Datura grows fast, upright, often forming an umbrella-like canopy, under which huge 9-12 inch trumpet shaped flowers descend. The flower opening can easily be 5-6 inches and Datura is also very fragrant

A mature shrub may reach 15-18 feet if it's happy. Blooms are seen from late spring through fall.  A healthy and happy brugmansia may sport 100-200 flowers simultaneously - an extremely dramatic display

Notice in the picture newly forming flowers, green and unopened. Also see three shades of open flower - light green, off-white and peach. That is the flower color development sequence in this variety

Some varieties show off shockingly HUGE flowers

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Plant in full sun to partial shade in most soils

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Provide some wind protection so as not to spoil the flowers. This shrub is best planted as a free standing specimen to show off the blooms without crowding from other plants. Water to establish, then Datura is normally carefree

Protect from frost to be sure of success in zone 9

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However, you can very successfully grow your Angel's Trumpet outdoors as an annual in cold climates. Below are two pics of a nice yellow variety in September in the State of Maine

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You may have heard this plant is poisonous and it is. On the other hand, natives in Brazil smoke the leaves for a strong narcotic affect said to relieve asthma

There are several colors of Datura. Datura sanguinea has bright orange-red flowers. Datura suaveolens shows off white flowers. Some datura blooms are one solid color, some two toned or even three shades of color

Datura candida is rarely seen and sports a complex triple flower - a trumpet in a trumpet in a trumpet

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Datura metel is a double bloom, purple trumpet in purple trumpet, much smaller and not nearly as dramatic as Datura aborea. Sometimes seen with white flowers