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Codiaeum variegatum

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Zone 9-10 or Houseplant

Crotons are marvelous tropical and sub-tropical shrubs coming in scores of colors and dozens of leaf shapes as well. They can be used in full sun as strong color spots but many types live happily in shade as well. The croton is said to be world's most colorful tropical shrub

This plant is sold named Dark Jamaican Croton

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Origin is said to be Malayan. Seen all over South Florida, some grow in the warmest parts of Central Florida as well

This is an accent plant or even a nice hedge when unpruned. Slow growing, not fussy for food or water or soil, the croton is a great tropical. Prune as you wish for form, but basically leave this plant alone. It's rated up to 10 feet, but most are seen below 6 feet tall

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