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Lots of folks who like Nature, also like cooking, so
here are a bunch of cool links for your pleasure

That's me and David Rosengarten of Food TV

Recipes and Cooking Galore / Links

1 Steak Tartar a la Ludwig is here
2 Gotta start with Food TV, right ?
3 May be the best of all, Cooks Illustrated
4 This one is named Recipe Source
5 Have you seen Chef 2 Chef ?
6 Tons of information, called All Recipes
7 The Global Gourmet
8 In praise of local (California) produce, Seasonal Chef
9 Slim and Trim ideas at Cooking Light
10 Claiming 15,000 recipes at
11 Gourmet Sleuth is very nice as well
12 Baking is featured at
13 Claims to be the World's Greatest Recipe collection here at
14 Food Reference has more than recipes
15  Stressing Louisiana cooking, The Gumbo Pages
16 Lots of categories at Culinary Cafe
17 Sally's Place has been online since 1994
18 Make "secret" restaurant food @ home Top Secret Recipes
19 Great name, called
20 Spain, Italy, Poland, Mexico etc @ Ethnic Grocer
21 Chef Paul Bocuse considers Moroccan cuisine equal to French, Chinese or any other
22 Vegan and Vegetarian recipes
23 Mexican and TexMex
24 How about home made and authentic Chinese
25 All Spanish all the time
26 French Food is always a winner
27 Way more than beer,German food
28 Food from Thailand
29 Russian and other parts of the old USSR
30 Hey, what about Italian ?
31 Iowa State University's "Tasty Insect Recipes"
32 Bar-B-Q Web

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