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color combinations to consider

White, lilac and hot pink in shade

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Purple, lilac, orange and white in partial shade

Purple and lilac in mostly shade

Lilac and apricot in the sun

Red, orange and white in partial shade

Red, lilac and white east exposure

Orange and white in a pot in partial shade

This mixed up bedding may be 8 colors

Red and purple in the sun

Orange and purple in shade

Red, coral lilac and white

Lilac and purple in shade

Blush, pink and lilac in afternoon shade

Red, purple, apricot, lilac and white

Lilac, orange, red and purple in the sun

Red, pink and white in mostly sun

Hot pink and white under a small tree

Groupings (pillows) using red, lilac, purple and orange

Traditional red and white in large pillows in the sun

Red and pink in plenty of shade

Orange and apricot (salmon) in partial shade

Red, white and purple in sun

100% pink

100% red

100% hot pink

Orange, lilac, red, white and purple in pillows

Purple and lilac with flamingos

Hot pink with apricot in island