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Christmas palm
Manila palm
Adonidia palm

Veitchia merrillii

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Zone 10-11

Sometimes called 'Minature Royal palm' the Christmas palm is very popular in South Florida.  Usually planted 3x or 5x together,  Veitchia merrillii looks just fine as a single planting in the right places.  The reason we see so many 3x 5x groups is the growers can get a little more money for those pots, and, because seeds sprout and grow easily

Speaking of seeds, the name 'Christmas' comes from the fact that very near December 25 nearly all the seeds of Veitchia merrillii are ripe, which means red seeds, so green palm fronds + red seeds = Christmas [palm].  Many palms develop red seeds, but not on time for Christmas

This photo shows a seed bunch transitioning.  Most seeds here are not red ripe, but they will be by Christmas

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Rated 15-25 feet, Christmas palm (Manila palm) from the philippines fits in easily

Moderate drought and salt tolerance, food needs are typical, but a regular fertilization program keeps health good

Proper fertilization is manditory because Veitchia merrillii is susceptable to Lethal Yellowing disease and palms properly fed are much stronger and longer lasting as a defense.  Usually inexpensive, go ahead and plant anyhow where you need a good looking small palm