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Floss Silk Tree

Chorisia speciosa

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Zone 9-10

Floss Silk Tree, Chorisia speciosa, is often rated among the most beautiful trees in the world

Also called Silk Floss tree, this deciduous tropical from Brazil and Argentina is a large tree rated to over 40 feet.  Floss Silk Tree is also well known for the large spikes protecting the trunk and limbs

Silk Floss blooms in early fall in South Florida with abandon


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The older the tree, the better the flower display.  And with individual trees grown from seed there are variations in the flower colors; more pink, more rose, etc

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The best two in Broward County are in Las Olas Isles growing on the same lot.  A third, younger tree is next door

A fully mature tree can be very large and apparently lose their defensive trunk spikes near the ground

After blooming, pear shaped fruits appear which have a silky floss coming out of the seeds

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A relative is Chorisia speciosa "Majestic Beauty' which is well adapted to zone 9 and seen often in California.  Majestic Beauty has a thorn less trunk and flowers very heavily as well

Chorisia insignis is known as the "White Floss-Silk Tree" and is native to Argentina.  It is also a sub-tropical and large to 50 feet.   Chorisia  insignis sports large white waxy flowers

Moderate growth speed, but not fussy, plant Floss Silk Tree in full sun with plenty of room to spread.  Plant well in most soils.  Does not have a pest problem, so Floss Silk Tree is an excellent choice in any landscape