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Golden Shower Tree
Golden Rain Tree
Senna Fistula X Cassia fistula

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Zone 10

Note:  Cassia (Latin) is now re-named Senna

Cassia is a very large genus with about 500 species, the better known members of which are fine flowering trees. To many, the finest cassia is the fistula

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Senna Fistula X Cassia fistula is a legume, rated 30-40 feet and native to India and South Asia. Golden Shower is related to the Jerusalem Thorn Tree and redbud

The foliage is evergreen, medium green and compound providing a nice open, lacy look

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Fistula flowers are light yellow hanging in groups almost 12 inches in length. This cassia is a summer bloomer starting as early as April then through August and a South Florida favorite

Easy to grow, Cassia fistula is tolerant of many soils and light salt drift. Once established, it is a carefree tree with few requirements except food

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Cassia is a huge genus that includes many of the most colorful trees and shrubs in the tropics. Many cassia shrubs are planted throughout the state (zone 9-10) as they can handle Central and North Florida weather very well

Most Cassia shrubs are heavy bloomers with yellow flowers, are rated 15-30 feet and many are trained to be small trees. Plant them in full sun for best flowering. Groups of three are very nice as a medium height focal point

Better known Senna / Cassia varieties include:

  • Cassia alata, article and offer page
  • Cassia angolensis
  • Cassia artemisioides
  • Cassia bakeriana (pink)
  • Cassia bicapsularis
  • Cassia corymbosa
  • Cassia didymobotrya
  • Cassia excelsa
  • Cassia fistula - Golden Shower
  • Cassia fruticosa
  • Cassia grandis - Pink/Coral Shower
  • Cassia javanica - Apple Blossom Shower, offer page
  • Cassia javanica x Cassia fistula (white-yellow)
  • Cassia leptophylla
  • Cassia moschata
  • Cassia multijuga
  • Cassia nodosa
  • Cassia peltophora
  • Cassia polyphylla, Pic #1  #2  #3  #4
  • Cassia 'Rainbow Shower' (fistula X javanica)
  • Cassia quinquangulata
  • Cassia renigera
  • Cassia retriculata
  • Cassia roxburghii (marginata)
  • Cassia siamea
  • Cassia speciosa
  • Cassia spectablis
  • Cassia splendida
  • Cassia surattensis (yellow) "Glaucous Cassia"
  • Cassia sylvestris
  • Cassia x nealiae - Rainbow Shower