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Bismarckia Palm

Bismarckia nobilis

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Zone 10

Hardy only in zone 10 or warmer, this palm enjoys a major presence as it typically grows large, as much as 60 feet tall with a heavy trunk. Bismark's like to hold 20-30 fronds, each about 10 feet wide, so they are robust in overall width as well

It's origin is the African island of Madagascar

First picture at top is of the 'Silver' Bismarckia.  There is also a 'Green' which may be even more stout and robust


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Moderately salt tolerant, drought tolerance is high, not too fussy for fertilizers, and has no major pests

Master Gardener has found Bismarckia to be troublesome to plant as they do not like being moved, even from pots to the landscape (versus field grown). They tend to be difficult to establish and may complain for 1-2 years before taking hold.  Water faithfully daily for at least 3 weeks

If you have the growing space in zone 10+, nothing looks as powerful as does this mighty palm , Bismarckia nobilis

And here is a still-young green Bismarckia in Miami that is really robust  #1  #2  #3  #4

Pollinated flowers forming seeds