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How To Select
Chain Store Plants
That Will Work For You

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If you shop for plants at big-box chain stores,
here's solid advice for you


Stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, K-Mart and Target get plant shipments frequently. Busy stores get new plants daily. The best condition these plants will be in is the day they arrive, therefore, go often

Become familiar with the stock and you will soon come to recognize new plants that have just arrived. The price remains the same, so buy fresh healthy plants by shopping frequently


Never never never ever ever ever...

ask any clerk at these stores for advice. They are not hired because they know plants or their landscape uses or the proper conditions for the plants.  Use this website to learn more.  Best is to know before you buy


Know what you are buying. Do not trust plant labels. Many plants do not have labels or are mis-labeled. One strategy is to bring along leaf samples of plants you wish to purchase and compare them to plants (and labels) for sale. Be careful


Plants displayed for sale in shaded areas are far more likely to require/demand shady conditions in your landscape. They may have been grown as house plants and are not suited for immediate introduction into your outdoor landscape

If you are planting outdoors, expect to plant shade-displayed plants in your landscape's shade or keep them as house plants

Alternately, plants for sale that are displayed in full sun are more likely to be for general outdoor landscape use. One reason is shade loving plants will die quickly (in a few hours, perhaps) in the sun


If you don't have the energy to shop frequently or the will to learn tropical plants, go to a fine professional nursery like Wilton Manors Nursery for plant buying and advice


  1. Shop as often as you can
  2. Never ask for advice
  3. Don't trust plant labels
  4. Note shade and sun locations where plants are displayed for sale
  5. Go to a real nursery